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Save the Date: Digital Tools and Methods for Text Analysis: an Introduction | October 4, 2021

27. Juli 2021

The workshop Digital Tools and Methods for Text Analysis: an Introduction is aimed at all those who

  • (want to) deal with printed and handwritten texts in large quantities,
  • think about how to handle (their) research data in accordance with the requirements of public institutions,
  • record data preparation and analysis as separate processes and want to align their research accordingly.

Date:         Monday, October 4, 2021, 1.45pm - 4.00pm
                  with the opportunity to talk to Dr. Wallnig to have an in-depth conversation in an informal group.

Format:     Video conference (zoom) + additional attendance if necessary
                   For access data, please contact Dr. Stefan Benz. The access data will follow a few days before the appointment.

Language: DE


  • Dr. Thomas Wallnig (University of Vienna)
    Holder of a Short Term Grant from the University of Bayreuth Center of International Excellence 'Alexander von Humboldt'
  • Dr. Stefan Benz (Didactics of History, University of Bayreuth)


  • Input 1 (Dr. Stefan Benz):
    Presentation of the speaker and introduction to the use of language - language selection in the early modern period in printed works. Brief presentation of a classic historiographical text of the 17th century
    Comment: Ralf Behrwald

  • Input 2 (Dr. Thomas Wallnig):
    Data preparation - data modeling as a prerequisite for the later application of different analytical processes (such as Transkribus, Mallet, WebLicht-Tools, Gephi)
    Comment: Adrian Roßner

  • Input 3 (Dr. Thomas Wallnig, Dr. Stefan Benz):
    Data analysis: case studies of computer-aided analysis and their methodological implications
    Comment: Selina Foltinek

  • Discussion

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