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Data security strategies

Encryption of data at rest:
Server-side encryption uses one of the strongest block ciphers available 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard Standard (AES-256).

Encryption of data in transit:
All data between clients and SciNote is also encrypted using the strong HTTPS protocol (TLS 1.2), RSA SSL certificate and strong 256-bit key.

Exit strategy

  • Full Export from frontend
  • Project export
  • Inventory export
  • Protocol export
  • Reports
  • Database dump and direct export of asset store on request
Customizable user interfaceCentralized customization on request
  • Contacts at IT Service Center
  • Online documentation
Usage statisticsUser based statistics in User Profile
Core functions (Daily work)Hide
Data input
  • Barcode scanner (for registered inventory)
  • Calender function
  • Chemical editor (EPAM Systems ketcher)
  • Free notes
  • MS Office Online
  • Text editor
  • Table editor
Data import (formats)
  • Table formats
  • Document formats
  • Image formats
  • Proprietary raw data formats
  • MS Office formats
Data import (method)
  • Drag & Drop
  • Desktop explorer
Data export
  • Complete content in document / pdf format
  • Formats suitable for publication
  • Definition and import of own templates
  • Import from internet sources (protocols.io)
  • Import in SciNote .eln format
Search functions
  • Full text search
  • Advanced search with filters
  • Comments
  • Notifications
  • Rights management (see section 'Rights management' for details)
Extended functions (Daily work)Hide
Laboratory management tools
  • Unlimited number of inventories per team (for devices, samples, documents, etc.)
  • Sample tracking (barcode printing & scanning)
  • LIMS connectivity via API
Standard interfaces
  • MS Office Online
  • Protocols.io
  • EPAM System ketcher (Chemical Editor)
AutomationGet data from instrument
Device connectionOn request
Project management tools
  • Calender
  • Task assignment to users (in experiments)
  • Project-related workflows (with internal and external links)
  • Graphical setup of exeriment workflows
  • Export functions
Compliance with legal requirementsHide
Preservation of evidence
  • Audit Trail
  • Timestamping
  • Versioning
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
  • GDPR
Integration in RDM and UBT IT environmentsHide
Application Programming InterfaceREST API
​(Documentation at https://scinote-eln.github.io/scinote-api-v1-docs/)
Data accessBrowser based (responsive design)
Data storage locationLocal redundant storage at UBT IT Service Center
Operating systemMulti platform

Rights management

During the project phase, research data are extremely sensitive and need to be shared with caution - even within institutions, labs and research groups. Therefore, SciNote supports granular rights management with user roles on the team and project level.

Team level

  • Administrator
    The creator of a team is automatically assigned the team's Administrator
    The Administrator can manage the team's members and see all its projects. This means the team administrator can easily change the role of the team members or remove them from the team.

  • Normal User
    The Normal User can create, edit, and archive the team's projects, inventory items, protocols, and reports.

  • Guest
    A Guest is only allowed to view the inventories, protocols, reports, and projects they are invited to or that are shared with the entire team.
ImportantImportant:The roles at the Team level are connected to the roles at the Project level and the first can limit or allow privileges to the latter!

Project level

  • Owner
    The Owner has full authority when it comes to managing the people and the data in the projects.

  • User
    The User has very similar rights as the Owner, but he/she cannot manage users. Furthermore, the User cannot archive a project. They can archive an experiment, workflow, task, and result.

  • Technician
    The Technician can manage the inventories and follow the protocol and complete its steps. He/She can also leave comments in a protocol step.

  • Viewer
    A Viewer can only view the project's content.

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