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SciNote@UBT - Electronic Lab Notebook

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SciNote@UBT - University of Bayreuth's electronic lab book allows institutions, units and projects to document research processes and their results in a web-based application.

​Based on SciNote, a flexible and web-based open-source electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), users can manage their research work and link or store experimental data in one place. SciNote was explicitly developed for life science researchers, lab technicians and group leaders, but may be used in pretty much all research areas due to its open workflow-based structure.
​SciNote is a platform for researchers in academia and industry who need an ELN with inventory management and project management capabilities. Users can create, store and share protocols and SOPs, various scientific methods, operating procedures, equipment instructions, safety guidelines, etc. in a structured and easy way. It is easy to upload, write, customise and review different versions of protocols rich in content such as text, images, tables, checklists, chemical drawings, code, keywords, comments, etc. To save time and improve traceability, users can apply SciNote protocol templates or public protocols from protocols.io to perform repetitive experiments or ensure the reproducibility of results. Lab members can link protocols to experimental data at any time to ensure the traceability of data. 

If you want to learn more about SciNote@UBT, please refer to the

To start using SciNote@UBT in a research group or project, feel free to contact us!

Website and login

You can find SciNote@UBT on https://scinote.uni-bayreuth.de/ within the LAN of the University of Bayreuth or the eduroam WLAN using the VPN.

Since the application is not connected to the Identity Management System of the University of Bayreuth, interested users need to sign-up with a new account using a valid email address. For members of the University of Bayreuth, it is advisable to use the format btXXXXXX@uni-bayreuth.de.

You are an external user wanting to participate in a project in SciNote@UBT? Feel free to contact us!

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