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Legal information

General terms of use for Collections@UBT (as of July 2021)

  • Collections@UBT is an internet-based offer for the digital collections of audiovisual and multimedia material from institutions of the University of Bayreuth, as well as from private individuals, associations and other legal entities closely related to the university. It includes an area restricted to university members and a publicly accessible area (guest access). The offer is sponsored by the University of Bayreuth, which has entrusted the operation of the digital collection management system to the IT service center at the University of Bayreuth.
  • Digital contents in Collections@UBT are made available free of charge by the participating institutions in the sense of research transfer as an open content archive and must be used exclusively for non-commercial purposes.
  • Collections@UBT is made available by the IT service center at the University of Bayreuth on a server for access via the Internet. Access to the contents is permitted in the form of read-only access (guest access) and in the form of saving and printing out individual queries for invited users and university members; Systematic storage of larger parts or the entire database as a whole in electronic, electromagnetic or similar form is excluded.
  • The content is usually accessed via personalized accounts. The potential user has to dial in with his/her University of Bayreuth personal ID (bt-identifier) and his/her password. Owners of personalized access to the system also have the option of using the online portfolios and presentations provided in Collections@UBT. Via guest access, Collections@UBT only offers the option of browsing the publicly available stocks. It is not possible to use the other stocks provided in Collections@UBT, the online portfolios and presentations.
  • Content provided in Collections@UBT as well as the software, modules, etc. are protected by copyright unless stated otherwise. Image and media files and any artworks contained in Collections@UBT are be protected by copyright unless stated otherwise. Any use is subject to the provisions of the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, specifically the German Copyright Act (UrhG). The clarification of all rights is the responsibility of the collection supervisors and administrators.
  • Images and media files in Collections@UBT are made available in screen-optimized resolution.
    • The students, institutes and facilities of the university may only download contents of the folder 'Staff Department Press, Marketing & Communication' for the interests of the university. If the photographs are used for presentation or information purposes, the source must be as follows: 'Photo: University of Bayreuth'.
    • Other contents of the system serve exclusively for teaching and research purposes as well as for the audiovisual presentation in compliance with the copyright regulations.
  • The disclosure of any kind of information, software and results from Collections@UBT to third parties is not permitted.
Restriction of disposal, exploitation and copyrightsHide
  • Since both public domain and copyright-protected contents are offered in Collections@UBT, potential users may only use it in compliance with the copyright regulations or with the rights of the content providers specified in individual cases.
  • The images and media files made available via Collections@UBT are to be used without the written consent of the author exclusively for teaching and research purposes in accordance with the provisions of the German Copyright Act (§ 60a - c UrhG) and to be deleted without request after use. The legal conditions for the exceptions must be respected.
  • Prior to any publication in print or other media, the express written permission of the respective rights holder must be obtained, provided that the image and media files used are protected by copyright. Any license terms must be respected.
  • A distortion of the copyrighted work by copying, re-photography, photo composing or electronic aids is not permitted. Exceptions require a separate agreement with the respective rights holder.
  • Reproduction and electronic storage of protected image files obtained via Collections@UBT for archive purposes of the user and the transfer to third parties are not permitted or require the written approval of the respective rights holder.
User's liabilityHide
  • The University of Bayreuth assumes no liability for a violation of general press law, copyright or other rights due to use in images or texts in a manner that is contrary to the agreement or which is misleading. If such rights are violated, solely the user of Collections@UBT is liable to pay compensation to any third party and will indemnify the University of Bayreuth from all third party claims.
  • If a breach of the agreements listed here results in a claim by third parties, the user is obliged to release the University of Bayreuth from this claim.
Warranty, University of Bayreuth's liabilityHide
  • The University of Bayreuth reserves the right to make changes or additions to the software provided without prior notice.
  • Technical defects of Collections@UBT will be remedied as soon as the defect has been notified as part of the usual changes / updates.
  • The University of Bayreuth assumes no liability in the event of technical malfunctions, interruptions or any failure of Collections@UBT.
  • No warranty is granted for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the information in Collections@UBT. The collection managers and administrators of the university’s institutions are responsible for database content.
  • The University of Bayreuth dissociates from the content of all pages that can be reached through links on the website https://collections.uni-bayreuth.de/ and does not adopt their content as its own.
Final provisionHide
  • The University of Bayreuth reserves the right to change the terms of use at any time. There is no explicit reference to the change in the terms of use. The terms of use are to be checked periodically independently for changes.
  • These terms of use and the entire legal relationship between the users of Collections@UBT are subject exclusively to German law. The place of jurisdiction is Bayreuth.
    The validity of the other terms of use remains unaffected even if individual provisions of the terms of use should be or become invalid. The ineffective provisions will be replaced retrospectively by the same content as possible, which comes as close as possible to the purpose of the intended regulation.

By accepting the terms of use, a cookie is saved on the user's computer. The next time the user logs in, the terms of use do not have to be accepted again. This does not apply if the user's browser does not allow cookies.

Declaration of consent for electronic publication and data use

The goal of data deposition in Collections@UBT should be the electronic publication of the contents and the respective associated metadata for the sake of reuse in science and visibility of research.

Since the publication of content however requires the University of Bayreuth to be granted a simple right of use for the corresponding content, you will find the draft contract for the declaration of publication and data use with further explanations below.

Declaration of consent for electronic publication and data useHide
Declaration of consent for electronic publication and data usedocx-DE

The declaration of consent for electronic publication and data use is a requirement for any publication of digital media content in Collections@UBT.

Notes on the document

  • Affiliation:   Only individuals, either personal or as representative of associations, and other legal entities closely associated to the University of Bayreuth are eligible for the electronic publication of data in Collections@UBT. If an establishment is not a university associated or a generally recognized research institute, suitable evidence of the academic activity of the establishment (e.g. statutes) must be provided in addition.
  • Editing the document:   The document is a fillable MS Word document. Following input is required:
    • Page 1
      • information about the data provider
    • Page 3
      • the signature of the data provider
    • Annex 1 (For multiple input on publications, click in the table field and then the + symbol on the right-hand side.)
      • the title of the publication,
      • the type of publication (collection or single file), and
      • the type of media content.
  • Obligations:   The declaration authorizes the University of Bayreuth as service provider to present the digital media content to the public and to process it in any directly process-related manner or for conservatory purposes.
    The data provider reserves the right to continue to use the content as long as the use does not conflict with the rights granted to the University of Bayreuth. Furthermore, third party rights have to be taken into account by the data provider.

    Once the application has been successfully checked, the respective rights for data publication will be granted to
    the data provider within Collections@UBT. The contacts in the IT service center will get in touch for further steps.

Revocation of the declaration of consent for electronic publication and data useHide

The declaration in general is valid until it is revoked in writing. A informal revocation may be sent to the Research Data Management group of the University of Bayreuth

As a result of a revocation any media contents previously publicly made available within Collections@UBT will be withdrawn. The data provider is responsible for correcting any external links to the withdrawn contents.

Webmaster: Dr. Thomas Martin

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